About Us

Wilson Food Products is pleased to announce that it had been established as an individual identity!!

Customer loyalty to the brand has also been built on the consistent quality of which WILSON FOOD PRODUCTS have retained their original and traditional taste over the years.

We use only the best quality ingredients in the preparation of our products. Our Peanuts, Sesame, Puffed Rice, Almonds, & Cashewnuts are best sorted after quality inspection by the management. Even the Elaichi and Jaggery, essential ingredients in Chikki making are of premium quality.

Visit our shop to discover the wide range of special products like Wilson’s Till Bar Elaichi, Wilson’s Puffrice Bar Elaichi, Wilson’s Fried Gram Chikki, Wilson’s Groundnuts Candy, Wilson’s Special Khara Puffed Rice Masala (Without Garlic), Wilson’s Special Khara Puffed Rice Masala (With Garlic), Wilson’s Puffed Rice Ladoos, (Balls), Wilson’s Till (Sesame) Ladoos. (Balls), Wilson’s Groundnuts Ladoos, (Balls), Wilson’s Groundnuts Nice Chikki, Wilson’s Groundnuts Chikki, Wilson’ Dry Fruit Chikki Elaichi, Wilson’s Cashewnut Chikki Elaichi, etc., from well-known and proven manufacturing brands. We follow the policy strictly of packing fresh chikki & namkeens on order and do not provide the pre packed. We keep on continuously upgrading for new products and customer experience. Wilson’s Products are, Rich In Vitamins Its Healthy & Delicious.